About ME

      As a marine biologist and science educator, I have a deep appreciation for effective and compelling visual aids in the service of science. Science illustration is a powerful tool in communicating natural processes and behaviors that photography and videography cannot always capture. Art also has the power to inspire curiosity and passion for stewardship. 

      Upon completing my bachelors degree in Marine Biology, I was fortunate enough to work at the Catalina Island Marine Institute on Catalina Island for the next five years, first as a science instructor, then as assistant director, and was able to run the summer camp's art program as well. There I developed a passion for the power art has in education. I left Catalina and moved to Monterey, CA. 

        In Monterey I attended California State University Monterey Bay's Science Illustration graduate program. In addition to freelance projects, I am currently working with a team at Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute creating illustrations, infographics, and outreach materials, so watch for new project postings!! 

      Follow me on Instagram @emilyhessdesign and sign up for my newsletter for early notification of new website additions. I am available for commissioned projects, as well as special requests, such as larger print sizes, framing, etc. Please feel free to contact me!